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First Article Inspection (FAI)

The specifications of your products and equipment are crucial to their safety and reliability — issues earlier with first article inspections (FAI). FAI differs in that the equipment doesn’t have to be the first ones produced, and they can be selected at random from an initial product run and within the mass production stage.

Amid FAI, products are verified to ensure that specifications align with the actual product measurements.

FAI is vital to equipment production because it makes sure products are aligned with their intended specifications, before continuing production — if something needs to be addressed, it does so at this stage.


Statistical Data Collection (CPK)

Process capability index (CPK) is statistical data collection that measures a process to then produce specification limits of a product. When considering a product’s average performance, CPK helps estimate how close you are to the given specifications and in the consistency of that product — it’s a best-case scenario for the current process.


Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering allows us to take an already existing product and duplicate it without the need for blueprints, documentation, or other computer models. Reverse engineering is employed to a part or product for the following reasons:

  • The part is no longer in production
  • There is inadequate information from the original design

  • The original manufacturer no longer exists

  • A part or product can be improved

  • To fortify and innovate a current product

  • To evaluate a competitor’s product

Reverse engineering can duplicate a part and its physical properties, including both its features and material components. Great for mass products, reverse engineering becomes more cost-effective in large quantities, or if it is a critical part of a product or equipment.

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